These are resources provided by panelists, organizers and participants that Black students have found helpful when preparing to study abroad. Click the name of each resource to access it.

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A list of funding opportunities and databases for students applying to study abroad, compiled by VCU.


A webinar organized by Mobility International USA ( , and shared by Project Manager Monica Malhotra.


A campaign and mentorship program created by Reginé Bumper, a Shenandoah University alum and Black+Abroad panelist, designed to "guide and teach young women and girls how to live their purpose through self-discovery”


A podcast designed to highlight the study abroad stories of Black/African American students and individuals of color, as well as the voices of travelers whose experiences have proven to be meaningful and influential in their lives today


An annual conference sponsored by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund which aims to increase the diversity of participants in U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs, such as Fulbright, Gilman and Boren. Attendees will identify suitable U.S. government-sponsored programs; acquire application-writing tips; and make meaningful connections in networking sessions.


A list of resources, including websites, articles, blog posts, podcasts, books, and more, dedicated to informing first-time travelers about what to expect when going abroad. Topics range from U.S. State Department resources and country tourism websites to tips about packing and navigating cultural differences.


The Black Expat is a multimedia platform focused on Black identity and international living.  Since 2016, we have created and curated content to reflect the diverse, inclusive experiences of both the aspiring and savvy Black expatriate. The Global Chatter Podcast  is a conversational yet humorous show where host Amanda Bates brings various guests to share their experiences life abroad from black and brown perspectives.


This podcast features alums of the Fulbright Program who talk about their work and research, about regional and local ramifications of global diversity-related issues, and the impact their Fulbright experience has had on their personal and professional growth. Episodes will also feature advocates and professionals from diverse communities working towards greater inclusion in higher education/educational exchange.



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